The small Spanish town that commemorates American independence every year

Among the most curious towns in Spain, we find a small town in the province Málaga with a very striking tradition. Are Macharaviayawhich is commemorated every 4th of July independence of the United States with a theatrical reenactment of the decisive battle for the American land, Pensacola.

General Bernardo de Galvez

Between the mountains of the Montes de Málaga Natural Park and the Mediterranean Sea, we find this quaint town. And to understand why the independence of such a geographically distant country is celebrated here, you have to go back to March 29, 1781. It was on that day that the Hon. The Battle of Pensacolathe last contest in which the Spanish army won back the Floridas, which were under British control.

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This achievement is mainly due to the Spanish general Bernardo de Galvez, born in Macharaviaya. He succeeded in capturing Pensacola Square, captured the English regiment, consisting of about 14,000 men, and returned the North American peninsula to Spain.

Torcal of Antequera.

For this he was promoted to commanding general and appointed commanding general in Florida and Louisiana. King Carlos III even gave him the title of Count of Gálvez. And not only that, but, as the Diputación de Málaga pointed out, in the victory parade, Bernardo de Gálvez walked next to George Washington through the streets of Philadelphia, which said that “if the Spanish army had not given its aid and that of Spain, the United States would not have won the war of independence”.

Parades, music and food

Centuries later, Malagasy people thus honor Gálvez with a great celebration around July 4th, American Independence Day. The importance of these festivals in the region is such that more than 3,000 people come to Macharaviaya to enjoy parade walk the streets of the town.

But that’s not all, as there is also a entertainment military history of the battle of Pensacola. All this is accompanied by music, a barbecue of traditional American food, a tasting of mead liqueur, a competition in period costumes, a screening of films and documentaries and Fireworks to end the night.

How to get to Macharaviaya

The journey between the cities Málaga and Macharaviaya is 36 minutes with A-7 and MA-3201 and 1 and a half hours with A-44 and A-7 from Grenade.

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