This company allows you to make up to 200 million dollars by selling real American food

Within the foodservice market, the selection of American food is decreasing, only two brands shared almost 100% of the offer.

Alfredo Licera I saw the opportunity in 2011 with a clear concept from the beginning: American and Mexican food with the best quality and typical abundance of American restaurants, at the best market price.

urban kitchen offers tacos and highly loaded steak eyes, ribs, chicken. The fried chicken is a trip to Memphis, their ribs are some of the best on the market. The same goes for their entire menu, including drinks and desserts.

Another factor that is the strong foundation of the company and its billing, it’s your kitchen full of standard processes that make operations easier.

year of establishment: 2011

Founder’s name: Alfredo Licera

Year of first franchise: 2022

Own housing: 3

concession housing: 1

Earning Value: $20,000

Return on investment: 20 months

Annual billing per location: from 200 million dollars

Number of employees: 9

Operating manual: s

Franchisee Training: Brand accommodation 15 days before opening and 15 days of intensive support after opening.

Minimum room sizes: from 150 m2

Royalties: by region.

Contact: Paul Cappa, 11 3058-0110

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