This corner of the American colony offers an authentic cannabis culinary experience

This restaurant offers a hassle-free experience (is there anything healthier than that at this point in history?) with responsible expertise.

“I like hard things and it’s a concept that doesn’t exist in Mexico, there are sites that work with CBD, but they’re not as detailed as I am”. answers the author of the menu and the owner of the place, who emphasizes having a sincere interest in offering a different experience, through food and a perfect dose of CBD as the main ingredient.

The idea came up between New York and Chicago, In the year of the pandemic, sociologist and owner Balvanera began a culinary study tour of restaurants where it is legal to work with THC and, when she returned, she took on her own project at the beginning of this year 2022 and adapted it to the framework. of potential in Mexico. .

The menu

Don’t expect to find anything eccentric on the menu, it’s actually covers of old and beloved dishes we’ve tried at our aunts, grandmothers and our own homes… but with a fusion of CBD. At Balvanera, lifelong family recipes and the appropriate doses of CBD for each dish have been researched, yes, like good chefs, they experiment.

What are the culinary challenges in the case of a fusion such as the one proposed by this restaurant?

“Don’t succumb to pacheca to try”, the menu creator immediately answers, jokingly but not, as she confirms that the most honest and responsible option she has found in the preparation of food and drinks is to try them herself. In this way, one is aware of what and how it is served to ensure that the portions in the food have already been tested, that the experience will be enjoyable and that the taste will not be compromised during fusion.

The experience

“We try to make every customer feel identified and at home, to fight this double standard that involves judging a person for the fact of cooking with marijuana or its derivatives.” We want to show that nothing happens and there is nothing wrong with consuming something with CBD, especially with this, which is the medicinal component of yerba.

In this place, customers identify themselves and come to eat, drink, work, talk, in an environment that offers rooms, decorations and music for all generations, a fact that represents its own conquest for the restaurant, as they say they have already broken the generational ideology and welcoming a great diversity of people whose mere presence positively normalizes the concept and experience offered by Balvanera.

Why is Balvanera Cannabis Kitchen cool?

From a sociological point of view, it is easy to understand how the bet of this restaurant makes visible and normalizes the freedom to exercise the personality of a large part of the population that also suffers from social stigma, so its presence in the heart of the city shows. how this once again opens up an understanding of diversity.

…And in addition to having an art gallery managed by the artist Sadek Reynolds, It’s also home to Botero, Balvanera’s pet dog and an influencer who demands a photo by his side to complete the on-site experience.



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