This is how your pregnancy and workout progress

    Sometimes training is not easy: we don’t feel like it, we’ve had a bad day, something hurts, we don’t have much time… Sometimes the reasons can be so overwhelming that they make us seriously reconsider whether we should do the training or not (if the lack of cravings is one of your regular problems, follow these tips to motivate yourself to exercise). Others can be something as simple as that your fiance is making a delicious meal.

    It may sound like a small thing, but put yourself in the situation: you live in an apartment with a kitchenette (ie directly connected to the living room) and you exercise at home. Who would not like much more to sit at the table to wait for the moment to eat? Of course we do. Well, now imagine that you are pregnant, with all the cravings that this entails.

    Well, this story that we have told you in such a fun and entertaining way has been the scene of the celebration Ana Peleteiro’s last practice. The Olympic medallist, who showed from the start how she is more than committed to her pregnancy training, has shared on her Instagram account what her latest workout routine has been like.

    As he’s shared on Instagram over the past few weeks, everything His training is practically carried out by Crys Dyaz. A nail habits bodysuit specially designed for your pregnancy where the so-called “baby hugs” play a central role. “This is one of the most important exercises during the entire pregnancy stage as it contributes to the correct positioning of the baby before birth and minimizes the consequences after birth by helping the abdominal muscles to be in better condition,” explained the athlete.

    This is how Ana Peleteiro’s pregnancy developed

    The Olympic medalist, one of this year’s most famous pregnant women, is already 26 weeks, so you are entering the third trimester of your pregnancy. Undoubtedly, her body is a true reflection of the progress of her pregnancy and in the latest videos that the athlete has shared in her Instagram stories, we can see how Little Lua is becoming more and more noticeable.

    Even Ana Peleteiro herself jokes about the state of her stomach: “I see myself getting thinner every time in my face, and even in my body and everything (…) and yet I see shit. It’s not normal” he said in a humorous tone. “If this girl doesn’t decide to come out until 40 weeks, what will happen to me? How am I going to get my belly back?” continued the Galician.

    Although, with Ana Peleteiro’s strong commitment to return to the Olympic competition (the Paris 2024 Olympics is her main goal, as she has explained many times), we have no doubt that she will recover physically for pregnancy in record time. And it will even improve it.

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