This is the daily menu of the big restaurant chains: from VIPS to Goiko

It has happened to you many times that booking through website a restaurant The promotion they have for the daily menu where you can eat almost the same but at a much cheaper price has jumped on your screen.

What happened? That restaurants usually only offer us these deals from Monday to Friday for meals or, increasing the price a little more, for dinner, which are timings that are daily a bit bad for us to skip eating.

Now that we are finally on vacation -or about to take it-, you can take the opportunity to make plans from Monday to Friday and, why not, enjoy these fabulous and mouth-watering menus of the day from the restaurant chains. We look daily menus of some of the most popular chains. Who is your favorite?


You’ve definitely been to VIPS more than once to have the champions with pancakes and milkshakes. Well, from Monday to Friday – not a holiday – you can enjoy the menu of the day includes first, second, dessert or coffee and drink.

Among the first ones you can find different types of salad, salmorejo, gazpacho or quesadillas. For the latter, you can choose between the burger of the day, grilled chicken, sirloin, Tijuana sandwich or baked swordfish. As for desserts, we can enjoy ice cream, pancakes, fruit, brownies, yogurt or coffee, among other options.


Goiko’s is probably your favorite burger place, so it’s always a good idea to take advantage of this chain’s daily menu to enjoy their fabulous food.

Goiko’s menu consists of a drink, a 190 gram hamburger of the day with fries or salad and dessert or coffee for €13.90. We can enjoy this offer from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 17:00 -except holidays-.

Depending on the day, the hamburger on the menu is one or the other, although at Goiko they are debuting a new burger, Kimcheese, their first homage to Asian cuisine, integrating ingredients like cream cheese or Mayo Kimchi sauce. We don’t know if we can resist trying it whether it’s the burger of the day on the menu or not.

TGI Friday

If you like American food, another great option is TGI Fridays, where you have a menu of the day from Monday to Friday until 4:30 p.m. for €13.95. This menu includes a starter, main course, dessert and drink.

Some of the dishes we can choose from for starters are different types of salads, quesadillas or grilled vegetables, but among the main dishes we find burritos, wraps, pasta or hamburgers.

bite into the dough

Pasta, pizza, desserts… one of those buffets that we usually find in big supermarkets, it’s not that they have a menu of the day, it’s that for the same price you are free to eat as much as you can.

As with the rest of the menu, from Monday to Friday at lunchtime Bite the Pasta has a special price, and it’s only for €11.95 we can enjoy all the food from the buffet. Of course you have to go prepared and on a very empty stomach.

Tony Roma

Tony Roma’s is another one of those restaurants that, from Monday to Friday at noon and except on holidays you can enjoy their menus.

For €13.95 you can enjoy drinks, main course, main and ice cream or fruit. Among the main ones, dishes such as different salads, nachos, mozzarella sticks or onion rings stand out, but in the main ones, some of the dishes we can find are different burgers or sandwiches, entrecote or ribs.

Tommy Mel’s

In this sixties-themed restaurant chain, we can find the menu of the day -only available in the establishment, not for delivery- in two formats: the classic and express.

While the classic menu has a first, second, drink and coffee to choose from, the cheaper express menu consists of a main course, drink and dessert.

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