Tokischa continues to attract attention from American professional leagues

The popular Dominican artist was invited to throw out the first pitch before a game between the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets at Citi Field in New York City.

The controversial, but at the same time popular, Dominican singer Tokischa, returned to the spotlight for his participation in high-level sporting events. The young artist was in charge of receiving the first pitch at Citi Field, his home field New York Metsbefore the match against Chicago Cubs.

Due to the clarity of the lyrics of her songs and videos, the singer is often criticized, but her popularity, especially among young audiences, is undeniable. Passed away MLB they understand the business side of professional sports and are aware that in order to get fresh eyes on what they are doing, especially the young audience that the league has tried so hard to attract, they need popular figures in those age groups.

Here we are not going to get into ethical discussions about the content of the young artist’s text, nor about whether the fact that she is invited to be part of such a group sends the wrong message to young people.honor” (something teams often do with other artists with the same qualities as the Dominican) like throwing out the first pitch. What we will try to show is that popularity Tokischa it is very attractive to the professional sports leagues in the United States, and as long as it is relevant, it will remain so.

2022 is the second time the US Pro League is interested in participating Tokischa to participate in some way. Earlier in the year, NFL decided to use one of the artist’s songs (ESTILAZO featuring DJ and music producer Marshmello) as a theme for Rookie Draw this year held in the month of March.

It shouldn’t be a surprise if at some point in the upcoming season NBA, the department also invites the artist to participate in a ceremony, or in a game in the front row. This if we take into account the importance that the main basketball channel in the world gives to the culture of rap, hip-hop and today, the Latin American urban genre.

The leagues are interested in her because she’s a popular figure and at least for now, from a business standpoint, it’s the right move. Going further, even in tournaments of the magnitude of the Olympics, their official accounts use music from the controversial artist.

The thoughts about whether it is good or not, about the content of its text or the message, do not enter into the discussion in this case, what is really interesting is to put new eyes, especially young people, on the sport and ie. what the detractors, not only of the Dominican artist, but of all her colleagues must understand.

Of course, in most cases the name of the artist (and what he does) will be associated with the country he comes from, but it is no less true that popularity will always play an important role in such situations. As long as the company does not harm or cause any harm, the departments will continue to use whatever resources they deem relevant.

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