Travel with a hint of chocolate

There are many reasons why we go on a trip. Sometimes it’s for the adventure, for study, culture or romance. But every now and then, the reason to pack up and go on an adventure is much more delicious: The food.

And few foods inspire as much passion and interest, due to their ability to adapt to many dishes, as chocolate. Some destinations offer variations of this delicious ingredient that are so juicy it’s well worth taking a bus or even hopping on a plane to enjoy them.

According to Club Premier, these are some of the best destinations for a chocolate adventure:


San Francisco

We arrived at this port of the American Union and an essential visit is the Ghirardelli factory, Its facade is only a symbol of its greatness dating back to 1890. Its structure is recognizable by its red bricks and a large illuminated sign with its name.

What will you find inside? Everything for the taste!And they sell everything related to chocolate: from molds and thermometers, to the ingredients in pieces so you can make your own desserts at home.



Very fashionable these days, the British capital also has an interesting chocolate tradition, but little known in these parts. One of the gems that honors cocoa is The melta site that positions themselves as luxury chocolatiers, and yes they are!

They have chocolate bars, some with sea salt, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, truffles, ice creams with cubes to make hot chocolate just by dipping them in milk, vegan chocolate, sugar free chocolate and even with CBD. And not only that, currently you can find some experience, where you can take a master’s course learning the art of making chocolate. Discover more about his proposal in



The next stop is in the city of love, here the possibilities are endless, but very peculiar Alain Ducasse chocolate. The specialty of the house is chocolate, as it is made with different chocolates from all over the world (Ivory Coast, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Ghana, Colombia, among others), with fillings for all tastes: from classics such as mint and hazelnut, to exotic ones and cloves and pine nuts; undoubtedly a great opportunity to try out many combinations.



In the Austrian capital we find an interesting place to visit. And it is that although it is not a chocolate shop, it is an important place for one of the preparations made with this element.

We refer to Coffee Sacher Viennawhere the classic Viennese dish is called sachertorte (made with two thick sheets of chocolate and butter, separated by a thin layer of apricot jam). In this cafe they sell it in a wooden box and it is so famous that they ship it all over the world.



Impossible to make a list without coming to our country, which It is the cradle of cacao and it is right in Villahermosa where there are several places to learn more about this crop, including: DRUPA, Interactive Chocolate Museum, La Venta Park-Museum and several Haciendas that honor chocolate, such as Hacienda Llósiðwhere they offer all kinds of experiences and packages around chocolate: from a farm tour, to a tasting or even a corn and cocoa factory.



In the capital of Belgium is Godiva Chocolatier, a luxury boutique founded in 1927, specializes in chocolate, truffles, coffee, cocoa, chocolate liqueurs, fruit and enrobed sweets. Everything is delicious!

This is a must-visit for chocolate lovers and best of all, this factory has crossed borders, in such a way that you can visit one of its 450 branches located mainly in the US, Canada, Asia and other European countries. , though nothing like visiting the state located in Belgium.

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