Unique things you can only do in Disneyland Paris: PHOTOS

You can toast with balls on Main Street USA.

Alcohol was banned in Disney World until 2012, and in California’s Disneyland it was allowed very recently, in 2019.

On the contrary, Disneyland Paris has served alcoholic beverages to adults since it opened in 1993and there is often a champagne cart along Main Street USA.

The champagne carriage is usually placed in front of the castle just before the fireworks. It’s a good way to end the day and take a fun photo.

The fireworks show features drones.

Drones make fireworks even more special.

One of my favorite attractions are night fireworks and I was surprised to hear that Disneyland Paris uses drones in their shows.

They were introduced as part of the park’s 30th anniversaryturning into a technologically advanced show that blew me away.

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The drones flew in the images creating a silhouette of Micky Mouse and the number 30 around the castle.

You can stay at the only Marvel resort in the world.

Hotel New York- The Art of Marvel is a four-star hotel.

I’m a fan of Marvel movies like most people, but I loved staying at Disney’s only superhero themed resort.

New York® – The Art of Marvel Hotel is one of the most unique accommodations in the entire park. In my opinion, this four star resort was on par, or even better, than Disney luxury resorts which I am used to going to in the United States.

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The Marvel theme is elegantly integrated into the modern hotel with artwork about superheroes.

The first audio-animatronic Iron Man is in Paris.

The animatronic statue is located next to the attraction's queue.

Walt Disney Studios Park, the second theme park in Disneyland Paris, is home to the first sound-animatronic Iron Man.

With the ability to play 43 different roles, it’s the highlight of the queue for the new Avengers Assemble: Flight Force attraction.

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This was one of my favorite spots during my visit to the new Avengers campus in the park.

You can only go on the Crush roller coaster (Finding Nemo) at Disneyland Paris.

The roller coaster is inspired by the movie 'Finding Nemo'.

One of my favorite attractions in this park and the others doesn’t exist anywhere else is roller coaster Crush. The very popular family attraction is located in the Walt Disney Studios park.

With a theme Finding Nemofrom Pixar, is a rotating roller coaster that travels both indoors and outdoors.

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The attraction takes place mainly in the dark and uses video projection to make you feel like you’re in the deep sea.

Throughout the park there are only French restaurants.

Crepes at Disneyland Paris.

In America’s parks, there are churros on every corner, but in Disneyland Paris, food stalls to stave off hunger are a classic French snack.

The perfect recipe for cooking Socca, the famous French crepe made with just 2 ingredients

Some of my downfalls are in the posts macaroni and in them of Crepes.

It is a restaurant tribute to Walt Disney.

All the decorations are a tribute to Walt Disney.

Called Walt’s – American restaurant is an elegant lunch and dinner spot on Main Street steeped in Disney history.

The walls of the restaurant are covered memories and photographs which you can mull over while tasting classic American fare with a European twist, including some Walt Disney favorites.

The restaurant is located so that it has view of Main Street where all the parades pass and which you can see while you are eating.

In Disneyland you can find snow in winter.

Snow is common in France at this time of year.

In Disney World and Disneyland California it is used “snoop”, a soap mixture which It pretends to simulate the snow during the winter and Christmas season. However, at Disneyland Paris, I was lucky enough to experience a real snowfall during a visit to the park in January.

Unlike Anaheim and Orlando, which rarely experience cold winters, temperatures in and around Paris often drop significantly during this period.

Disneyland Paris has an all-inclusive premium skip line.

Expect fewer lines with this fit.

Disneyland Paris offers Disney Premier Access, a system of faster queues which guarantees access to most places of interest.

Unlike the Genie+ system at Disneyland and Disney World, where you have to choose between attractions that meet these requirements, Premier Access an unlimited version that works like an all-inclusive editing line pass.

These add-ons don’t seem to be very popular with European visitors, which made it more worth the investment for me, as the queues for Premier Access were so short.

The Tower of Terror is a unique and terrifying version.

The Tower of Terror can only be found in Disneyland Paris.

I love the twilight zone at Disney World’s Tower of Terror and I trust it one of my favorite attractions. It’s very silly fun that focuses less on scares and more on a cheesy experience.

The Disneyland Paris version raise the tension level with completely different factors Which I think is absolutely terrible. It features the girl from the US version and she follows you every time you go on the ride.

You can stay at a wild west resort.

The Cheyenne Hotel in Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris has several tourist complexes, but the most unique of all is Cheyenne Hotel.

Reminiscent of an old western town, this sprawling complex recreates the American frontier with grand buildings, including a Wild West lounge.

The property you can visit without being there. I loved spending the morning exploring the area.

Inside the castle lives a fire-breathing dragon.

You can visit the dragon.

Sleeping Beauty Castle is more than twice as tall as its California counterpart, and my favorite part is that you can view its interior.

Plus views from the magnificent stained glass windows, inside the castle there is a great dragon lively

The Dragon’s Lair is a tourist attraction that it is unique in the park. Its centerpiece is an 89-foot dragon in a dark cave that periodically “wakes up” to smoke and growl at the audience.

It’s an area that recreates the pirate world and it’s amazing!

The whole area has a pirate theme.

I’m a big fan of attraction Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World and Disneyland so I love how they have it recreated in Paris like here There is a whole world of pirates.

The area is complete with its own version of the classic attraction, a lush promenade, a giant pirate ship and several unique indoor and outdoor cave mazes to explore.

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