United States | New York is suing Trump and three of his children for business fraud

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The prosecution accuses them of manipulating the value of their assets in order to get favorable loans and pay less taxes

new demand to inflate the mountain of thousands of lawsuits that Donald Trump has accumulated throughout his life, the latter, in charge of one of his most inquisitive enemies. New York Attorney General, Letitia Jamespresented on Wednesday a private matter against him former president USA, three of his children and two executives of his company for fraud businessespecially for optimize the value of its assets to get favorable interest loans Y pay less taxes. The prosecution’s decision ends a more than two-year investigation against the police republic lordwho faces four other active investigations for different reasons, from his role in invade the capital for use of which he utilized hundreds confidential documents.

These latest allegations point directly to the contrary work practices so often described by biographers and journalists who have studied the fortunes of the New Yorker. And that, according to James, is what Trump has devoted his entire career to inflate your wealth when it suited him to promote his image as a billionaire, while declaring a much lower value of his assets to reduce tax bill. So much so that for more than a decade he barely paid a dollar in income tax. “Donald Trump falsely inflates his fortune by billions of dollars.” unjustly enrichcheat the system and cheat us all & rdquor ;, said James at a press conference in New York.

Three of his accused sons

Ivanka has also been involved in the caseEric Y donald jr the three sons of the tycoon who are most involved in the family business. The case calls for Supreme Court of New York to ban them all from playing executive positions in New York companies and prevent that The Trump Organization can acquire new real estate in the state or obtain loans from New York-based banks for up to five years. He also desires recover $250 million which, according to the prosecution, were obtained by fraud and deception.

As it is a civil matter, the 70-year-old businessman and politician faces no jail time, although James has assured that he will refer the matter to the Department of Justice and Treasury Department to investigate possible violations of federal law.

This latest run-in with the law isn’t expected to change Trump’s influence The Republican Party, where he continues to serve as the undisputed leader 18 months after leaving the White House. Although the populist has not yet announced his intentions 2024 presidential election, is fully participating in the elections to Althingi in November. It has already announced that it will participate in various rallies, mock debates and fundraising events. A survey earlier this month by PBS, Marist and NPR concluded that sOnly 28% of Americans want him to run. to restore the presidency, but over 60% are against the idea.

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