United States: weather forecast for New York on September 20

A coat and an umbrella or light clothing and a hat? If you don’t know what to wear to go out on Tuesday, here it is the weather the next few hours in New York.

In New York, that’s expected maximum temperature 27 degrees Celsius and minimum 17 degrees Celsius.

As for the rain, the chance of precipitation in this city will be 1% during the day and 4% during the night.

Similarly, the cloud cover will be 23% during the day and 1% at night. While the wind gusts will be 22 kilometers per hour during the day and 13 kilometers per hour at night.

Avoid the sun, UV rays are expected to reach up to 5 degrees.

New York is the most populous city in the United States and one of the most populated in the world, located in the state of the same name on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, northeast of the United States.

In New York City, the weather is mostly humid continentalwith very cold winters, very hot summers and constant rains that fall throughout the year, which turn into storms in the summer and snowfall in the winter.

However, New York’s proximity to the Atlantic coast means that the winters are not so cold, nor the summers so hot.

The cold and constant rains form the autumn nine in the winter.

The coldest months are between December and March, while the hottest are between July and August.

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United States: almost all climates in one country

The United States occupies a large land area and boasts a variety of climates, almost all of them.

East side of the US Two central climates prevail: humid subtropical and humid continental.

in northeastern America the most important weather is humid continent which is characterized by constant rains throughout the year that turn into storms in the summer and snow in the winter.

In the southeastern United States the prevailing weather is subtropical humid There are hot summers, cool winters and heavy rainfall.

From the west side of the USAthere are at least three main prevailing climates: semi-arid, arid and Mediterranean.

Semi-arid climate, in its cold subtypecovers the most central part of the western and north-south United Statescharacterized by low rainfall and low temperatures.

In the southwestern United States is where it’s at dry climate, both in its cold and warm subtypes. In the cold drought, there is frost in the winter and in the summer it is mild, but in the hot drought the summer is very hot and in the winter the weather is mild. In both cases, rainfall is scarce.

Mediterranean climate logs in the coastal region of the American West, from north to south and is characterized by mild and rainy winters, as well as dry and hot summers.

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