We tell you how to help those affected by Hurricane Fiona

The damage caused hurricane fiona in Puerto Rico they are “catastrophic”: hundreds of homes affected, people without a safe home, lost crops and the loss of millionaires.

So far, the government has not provided an estimate of the damage. However, dozens of non-profit organizations have already stepped up and organized to collect supplies or request volunteers.

Do you want to help? Below is a list of the parties working on this emergency:

Supplies of Puerto Rico

This platform helps donors know in which part of the country they need help and what their needs are.

“Once again the people save the people… I want to announce today that the scene suppliespr.com It’s already available online for anyone who has a badge or knows of people who need some kind of help,” he said. Johannes Páll Diaz through his Twitter account.

The singer, actor and comedian explained that the website was created after the 2020 earthquakes for donors to direct their donations to those affected in the southern archipelago.

People can filter by municipality, shelter or by type of supply, depending on what the victims themselves share.

“It was created for the purpose of being a communication tool between us and speeding up and improving the distribution of aid.” Efficiency and responsibility remain in the hands of the users themselves. We don’t get any distribution help, we don’t get money, and so far we’re not willing to do anything other than help channel the needs through the site.”Diaz explained.

Roofs for my people

Likewise, the non-profit organization Techos Pa’ Mi Gente has asked citizens to join community self-government groups.

“Join the recovery, hands and funds are needed,” they wrote on their social media.

Additionally, donations can be made online: ATH Mobile: /TPMGCorp, VENMO: @TPMG-CORP, BPPR: #014468646 and Paypal: @TechosPaMiGente.

Created after Hurricane Maria in 2017, this entity is dedicated to building proper roofs and rehabilitating homes in communities affected by natural disasters.

“It contributes to improving the quality of life of the individuals who make up these communities.” It promotes self-management and provides training in basic construction skills to build resilience,” its website says.

To donate or register as a volunteer, you can access: https://www.tpmgcorp.org/toma-acci%C3%B3n.

Internet for children

However, the Association for the Rights of Children and Youth has requested volunteers to help the communities.

“We need help with: packaging and delivery of food; cleaning and decoration; recovery of children’s shelters; community census; family and community support; transportation and delivery of supplies; safe space for children; and medical assistance,” they explained on their Instagram account.

In addition, donations can be made through ATH Móvil: / AlberguesPR.

The entity has also disclosed that it offers different services. For example, they offer lunches—while they last—in Juncos, on highway PR-185, kilometer 16, in the former Agustín Dueño school.

They also offer in their various centers: hot food, psychological services, social work, nursing, educational planning for the home and service coordination.

Backpacking and reality

For their part, Fundación Mochileando 100×35 and Reality Realty joined forces to establish a collection center that will operate from today, Tuesday, until next Saturday, from 9:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon at Manuel Fernandez Juncos 1253 Avenue. .

The aid received will be distributed in Ciales, Utuado, Salinas, Cayey and towns in the interior and south of Puerto Rico, those that have been worst affected by the hurricane.

Items required are: canned food, water, necessities, personal hygiene, diapers for adults and children, pet food, toys for children, batteries, lighting equipment and medicine.

At the moment they are not accepting clothes.

“We prefer physical donations.” But if they are disabled or outside of Puerto Rico, You can donate through ATH Móvil, in the “Give” section: FundaciónMochileando. Also via Paypal: Mochileando Foundation: paypal.me/backpacking”communicated to the parties through their social networks.

They also needed volunteers to organize the donations and fill the trucks. Those interested can write to: Ayuda@mochileando.com or text to (787) 579-7191.

Fondita Jesus

The company Fondita Jesus He also requested donations so he can continue his work serving the homeless or those living in vulnerable communities.

For now, the nonprofit needs bottled water and non-perishable food.

Donations can be dropped off at its facility at 704 Monserrate Street, in San Juan, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Health workshop

Meanwhile, the community-based feminist organization Taller Salud requested cooperation from citizens so that they can “be effective, efficient and quick” in responding to emergencies.

Among the needs they have identified, according to a post on their Instagram account, are: solar flashlights, water filters, over-the-counter medications, basic necessities such as diapers for adults and children and sanitary napkins, among others.

Likewise, where two community kitchens are operating, need: disposable containers, disposable cutlery, a liter of water, gas, rice, oil, pasta, sauce, canned food – such corned beefsausages, beans, tuna, sardines and tomato paste—, vegetables and fresh products: garlic, onions, recao, peppers and sofrito.

“If you want to submit food or material, you can send it to D40 Jardines de Loíza PR 00772 urban area 1 or to highway PR-187, km 24.4 Parcelas Vieques #33 Medianía Alta Loíza PR 00772,” the publication explains.

Meanwhile, if you want to make a monetary donation, you can do so through your PayPal or visit their website: workshophealth.com.

Taller Salud is dedicated to improving women’s access to health care, reducing violence in community settings, and promoting economic development through education and activism.

The Western Solidarity Corps

The Brigada Solidaria del Oeste autonomous initiative also established a collection point in the Porta Coeli urbanization, in San Germán, and will operate from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon.

The party will collect: non-perishable food, essentials, over-the-counter medicines and personal and household hygiene products.

At the moment they do not accept clothes or shoes.

The gifts will be distributed throughout the southwestern part of the country.

You can also deposit money via mobile AT: /brigadasolidaria or Paypal: brigadasolidariaoeste@gmail.com.

This initiative emerged after the disaster caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017, with the aim of supporting the development of collective processes in the communities and strengthening community self-management.

Endless foundation

For its part, the non-profit organization Fundación Sin Limites will also collect food and items to help the communities most affected by the atmosphere.

Among the donations they will be collecting are: clothing in good condition, solar lanterns, masks, first aid kits, visors, surface disinfectants, hand sanitizerwater filters, disposable containers, hygiene products, candles, bedding, baby products and food, dog food, bottled water, batteries, diapers for adults and children, and canned food.

Gathering locations will be: the Kmart parking lot at Plaza las Américas next Thursday, from 6 to 8 p.m.; The Sears parking lot at Las Catalinas Mall, in Caguas, on Friday, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and on Saturday in the Plaza Carolina parking lot from 9 to 11 am

You can make monetary donations through ATH Móvil: /sinlimitespr or by phone at 787-209-2585; PayPal: @fundacionsinlimites; and Venmo: /unlimited pr.

For more information, you can contact them by email at nolimits.nonprofit@gmail.com or send him a private message on his social media.

Fundación Sin Limites is an organization in Puerto Rico committed to the social development of marginalized communities through education and poverty, they elaborate Website.

True Self Foundation

The True Self Foundation requested donations to develop a rapid response fund focused on helping LGBTQIA+ communities who find themselves in vulnerable situations during emergencies.

“Communities of sexual and gender diversity are often disproportionately affected by being invisible or vulnerable in emergency response”the unit said on its Instagram account.

You can make your donations through ATH Móvil: /TrueSelf and PayPal: info@trueselffoundation.org.

The Red Cross

At the same time, the Puerto Rico branch of the Red Cross requested donations to continue distributing items to the victims.

“American Red Cross volunteers are active in helping families affected by Hurricane Fiona. Support our mission,” says a post on his Instagram account.

To donate, you can do it through ATH Móvil: / Cruz Roja or by calling 787-758-8150.

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