Without football shirts, in VIP boxes at Power Horse Stadium

Almería has drawn up a series of rules for those attending the new VIP boxes with the aim of “enjoying the exclusive service to the full”. The document contains basic rules of conduct, as well as mandatory codes in this field. A ban on wearing football shirts on a pitch where the ball is the focus of everything stands out. More specifically, the third point reads as follows: “Access to this area of ​​the pitch is not permitted, with animated images such as shirts, flags, trumpets or similar items., whether they are from the home team or the visitors. Access to the field with outside food is not permitted.

Furthermore, in the previous point it is recommended to go with the label: “The use of men’s polo shirts, shirts, jerseys, jackets and/or the like is required. All those wearing shorts, bermuda shorts, sleeveless shirts, bare shoes, sneakers and all the clothing intended for men will not be allowed access.”. With minors, the rules are more relaxed. So in point four you can read that: “Minors’ clothing should be appropriate for this area of ​​the field, avoid sportswear.”

The above is surprising both because it is a sports venue and because more than one red and white shirt was seen in the main box, including Turki Al-Sheikh himself. The red and white party warns that “Failure to comply with any of these rules may mean that access to inside the Power Horse stadium or to offer a different place to the stadium than the VIP box.

No smoking

There is no smoking ban in most Spanish stadiums, as there is no national law requiring it. However, the measure comes amid restrictions due to the pandemic. As the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) explains, the current ban on smoking in the stadiums it is proposed as an interim measure and subject to epidemiological developments and not as a permanent decision.

As can be read in a recent AECC article, the smoking ban was maintained as approved by the international health system council. Among the agreements approved at its meeting on March 23rd, it was decided that tobacco consumption would continue to be banned in mass sports events. This ban, as can be read in the agreement, applies from April 1 and until “the new agreement of this international council of the health system”. Clause 5 of the Power Horse Stadium Attendance Rules prohibits the VIP boxes “smoking in the inner room of the boxes”with not a few participants taking more than one puff on their outsides.

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